Audio does not work properly

A have installed all images for banana pi m2 +. Only raspbian works out of box. Rest of images have problem to play audio. Is not posibble play you tube audio. Everything seems to be ok. pulseaudio recognized the sound card. pavucontrol works. But audio playback is interrupted !!! apllies to Kali, armbian, fedora, opensuse, arch linux. plese help to resolve problem. thanks

i have disconected keyboard and connect externel usb soud card and it works properly. I have installed gstreamer plugins it does not help. I think problem is with the kernel driver. it recognize hdmi digital output and analog output but banana pi m2+ does not have analog output. Orange pi has it. All images prepared from orange pi 2 dont play audio. Exception Raspbian. Dont play only you tube - rhytmbox also does not play audio.

I have find what is probelm. H3 System on chip does not work properlly with pulseaudio. You can uninstall pulseaudio if image still support alsa. For exmaple Armbian. Fedora Open Suse, Kali, Arch linux provide only pulseaudio. This distrubution wont play audio on Banana pi m2+. Only Rapspbian and review Ubuntu 16.04 will play audio.