Armbian OS aarch64 for Banana Pi M64 | Download


It’s the same as armbian for pine64, my build just adds desktop environment Based on debian jessie

what doesn’t work: wifi bt emmc gpu drivers

I haven’t tested gigabit ethernet, but normal 10/100 ethernet works just fine.

A few words form armbian community member about the issues with this build:

Anyway: the reasons why Wi-Fi, BT and eMMC aren’t currently working aren’t related to Allwinner at all, it’s just that someone has to adopt hardware changes to software (correcting device tree nodes, adding Ampak driver). But as already explained SinoVoip is either too lazy or too clueless to do this and no 3rd party developers are interested in this device. Regarding ‘GPU drivers’: This is just old, slow and boring Mali400 which could help with 3D acceleration in retro games. Libraries are available in the meantime but with unuseable license so not re-distributable. But this doesn’t matter at all since there aren’t applications around (other than game emulators) that could make use of Mali400. So please stop whining about ‘missing GPU support’ since it’s absolutely irrelevant. 2D and video acceleration is working on A64 since a long time.

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