Armbian (Debian & Ubuntu) for M2 with kernel 4.11.4

Debian Jessie (CLI and desktop) and Ubuntu Trusty (CLI)

Kernel 4.5.2 with auto future updates.



At first: Thank you! Thats great. Two things to mention (ubuntu image):

  1. apt-get update results in: “Failed to fetch”. Upgrade works.
  2. At first boot, the system is expanding to the whole sd-card. The problem is: If one wants to clone the card (e.g. with additional software) this can cause a problem, because the SD-cards do not have always the same size (8GB != 8GB). And I do not know if a shrinking of the memory is a clean solution.

Cheers Thomas

  1. Hmm, this should not happen. Do apt-get update and try again … maybe you did when repository was not yet populated to all servers. This can happen.
  2. This suppose to be a feature not a bug :wink: If you want to create an image with additional software, take a look at my build script. It was designed for such scenarios.

Thanks for your feed back!

Updated to 4.5.2

Docker ready.


Major update.

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v5.30 / 14.06.2017

  • mainline kernel updated to 4.11.4
  • mainline u-boot updated to v2017.05
  • Firefox was replaced with Chromium (desktop images)
  • sunxi mainline configuration: added Device Tree overlays support (new images only)
  • sunxi mainline configuration: added armbian-add-overlay helper for compiling and activating DT overlays (new images only)
  • log2ram: fixed saving /var/log contents on shutdown
  • reworked package updates MOTD script to speed up the login process
  • added config file /etc/default/armbian-motd for disabling MOTD components
  • added armbian-config dialog-based configuration program (WIP)
  • Banana Pi M2: fixed HDMI video output
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