Armbian Buster Banana Pi R1 / Lamobo R1 - NEW IMAGE

Download link below.

I’ve made a custom Armbian for Banana Pi R1. It’s based on the official Armbian.

Version: Buster (version 10 of Armbian)

Account credentials:

Normal user: pi/bananapi

Root user: root/bananapi

Features are:

  • Hostapd enabled: SSID: ARMBIAN Password (WPA2-PSK/AES): 1234567890
  • resolvconf installed (pointed to Google DNS nameservers)
  • DNSMasq installed (subnet:
  • SATA support (I didn’t test it, but this is working on the official Armbian release)
  • iptables enabled instead of nftables
  • Official kernel is used (next-4.9.7), but kepted it back.

If you want to change timezone and want to update it, do the following:

apt install ntp ntpdate

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

At least, you can use Balena Etcher to burn it (no need to extract the zip file).

The first time you boot, it’s resizing its filesystem partition, so it will reboot once. Then you see a blinking cursor. Wait a few moments and then it will work!

Download link

My website:

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