Armbian Bullseys Image for B-PI M2 Ultra

HI @ all,

planning to purchase a B-PI M2 Ultra (because i need SATA), but i wonder if there are still ready to use images available? Someone can explain if there is an official Armbian Image or something that is based on the latest Debian Bullseye available?

P.S. If there is another B-PI available with more than 2 GB RAM and a “real” SATA Port (no USB Bridge) i would also think about purchase this one. But i couldnt find one ;-(

Thanks Keptn

What is your use case with sata port ? Looking at the OS Images, I see all old images and unofficial support or beta images. If you want something to use for production then try some other board with better mainline support and better soc. Maybe R64 or R2.

Can also look at HC4 which have 2 SATA over PCIE.

all instructions are here:

Hey Guys,

my use Case is to install some Applications like Seafile, OpenHAB and OwnCloud. And to have a good speed and a “long life” i dont want to setup stuff on micro sd cards that dies after 2 years.

I am just now an Banana Pi 1 with a WD Red 2.5" drive and everything is great. But my Pi is sometimes out of RAM, because i have some stuff loaded on the device and SQL databases…

So what i am searching for:

  • device with official Armbian or Debian support images
  • device with at least 2 GB RAM
  • device with (real) SATA port

Thats my point. Happy to discuss.

P.S. odroid HC4 is oversized for my stuff… also this boards is pretty expensive.