Antenna Connector Spec

What is the antenna connector type for the M2/M3, and what is the connector needed to pigtail to it?

The drawings say it’s a “mhf”, but that’s a little vague.

I think I need a u.fl connector, but there are a few sizes listed.

Having no real faith in the provided drawings, and not wanting to measure under my microscope, I thought I would ask here.

this is spec :


For future reference, dimension drawings for all the connectors can be found in the “BPi-M3-DXF file.rar” file under the folder name “M3 component datasheet” the connector you are after is called I-PEX.PDF

You can find the “BPi-M3-DXF file.rar” file in their Goggle Drive for the BPI-M3

Thanks. I will try to decypher it. I take it that is the drawing from the board side.

It would be nice if the company said “hey customers, you need one of these”…