Android image for BPI-M1 is broken

hi: according to the official download site:

the md5sum of image “Android 4.2.2” should be “A1C46C938FE8C244D18C6C1106B02BB0” but the downloaded image md5sum is “b0762df02a1169b253c1016dc4c62719” and it can not boot. please fix the official package. thanks a lot!!

some tricky things here

the md5sum belongs to another image. so please change the image or fix the md5sum so they can match.

Is this really an alternative? If so they will let the corrupted image remain on Google drive and provide a correct checksum for it. Since for the ‘Team BPi’ it makes no difference at all whether their software works or not. You already bought their paperweight – mission accomplished :joy:

BTW: Do you use PhoenixCard to burn the image? If not you should. Since ‘Team BPi’ has no clue how to provide an Android image suitable to be burnt to SD card the usual way. But they also don’t care to provide such important informations. Since this information is only relevant for people that already bought hardware from them… whether they can use it or not? At least ‘Team BPi’ doesn’t care!

yes I use phoenixcard and I use images elsewhere. if the image md5sum is wrong, they need to correct the image or correct the md5sum. it is very basic.

And since the image seems to be corrupted they should think about re-uploading the image and check themself first whether checksums match. It’s really very basic. But guess what? They don’t get the idea and they also don’t care if you tell them again and again:



It’s useless to complain. The only thing they care about is selling hardware. Everything else doesn’t matter…