Android image for 6 Realtek WLAN-Sticks and switch the default Audio output

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Here you can find my image compiled for the Realtek WLAN-Sticks 8188eu 8189es 8192cu. 8192eu 8723as 8723au Default WLAN chip is the Realtek 8192cu. How to switch to another Realtek chip you can read in the readme-image. The 8192cu and 8192eu are tested from me, they work fine.

You also can switch between default audio output, in this image AUDIO_CODEC is default, but it is easy to change by a command.

The input device can handle a mouse with five buttons. Left button ok/forward, middle button menu, right button back, side left 1 home and side left 2 mute. Tested with the Medion wireless keyboard / 5 button mouse and with the Logilink wireless keyboard / 5 button mouse. The Logitech K400 I can’t test, but the driver LOGITECH_DJ is compiled within the kernel.

There are some additional commands like

audio switch default audio output auto starts and restarts kodi automatically sdx makes the sytem partition writable wlan switch to the wanted WLAn driver

More you can read in the readme-image file