Android image cannot get ip

after buring image downloaded from baidu yun(2023-09-22 10:49), the sbc cannot get an dhcp ip with rj45 wire connected.

what can i do to fix this?

I have no idea of your system environment, so it’s hard to help you. I only can say, that mine Android TV image got an dynamic IP from my router without problems and I can connect to sites in the internet.

android cannnot get an dynamic ip, now the last linux image cannot get an dynamic ip, again.

as said: My BPI-M6 got an IP from my DHCP Server on the router via ethernet port on Android Image.

See my video Minute 9 and later: making an internet connection and showing web pages.

Might that help you. I think, it’s maybe not the images, but your DHCP Server or router?

Haven’t tested the Ubuntu image by now, but will do so soon and then release a new video.

Hello kalcohol,

I wrote an article how to connect an FTDI-Adapter and get the debug message over the UART-Port of the BPI-M6: Raspberry Pi / Debugging: Mein Banana Pi BPI-M6 will nicht von SD Karte booten

The article includes a full log of the Boot up of the Android Image. May you want to compare that with your own log and find some debug message, that may lead to a error reason. Wether you have an hardware error or it’s just your router / DHCP server.