Android firmware-far away from perfection

I buy banana for the first time,because the chipset Realtek. I have experience with Zidoo tv boxes and picture is amazing.Thats why i decide to try Banana with out expection for extras that Zidoo gives.Hardware is realy good, of course 1 gb is nothing so i buy 2 gb put android firmware and …this one needs a lot of work First and most annoing status bar…can’t hide it,i dont think its necessary -unfortunately no root so i cant change it 2.This is phone firmware not tv box firmware u need mouse almost in everything from settings to anything.I change terrible launcher with atv launcher and now is not so bad ,but this status bar drives me crazy 3 There is settings that are only possible for phones and dont need it. I dont expect afr for example ,but this chipset is killer.Color reproduction is much better than Amlogics or Rockchip or Allwinner…Machine is with multimedia chipset,so please make it like machine for multimedia,not phone software.

If anyone knew do cases from Raspberry are identical for this machine,because not so much and good cases for this one…Also i didn’t find how to put and work with ir remote,so if someone knew to give me a link

Try the ATV version, this board is for all opensource developers, not just for your requirements.

ok,thanks for advice…i don’t see nothing wrong to say issues of products so far so developers can fix it!