All image can't boot

i just bought, my banana pi m3 few day ago, it’s work with the initial andoid system but i prefer to run a linux debian/raspbian/ubuntu on my banana pi so i mount one of this img on my sd card i put in in my banana pi and i start the banana the firts logo BPI appear but when the lunux distrib should start it’s a black screen before ''no signal"

on the banana card when i start the red led turn on and the 2 other juste after they stay on few moment et trun of when the screen came black

i try lot of img but no one works…

i use a sd card 16go category 10 to mount the img on it win32 disk imager no hash

if somebody can tell me why it’s doesn’t work he will be my hero for ever! thanks for reading and for you time and answer

Banana M3 boots with (clean and improved Debian Stretch) Armbian:

Boot log: … if you follow standard rules described here:

Change SD card, (writing method is wrong in any case), check cables, PSU, …

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thank you, you are my hero mate ! it’s works !!! it’s just the writting method and the img the problem ^^

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