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BPI-M2+,BPI-M2 Zero,BPI-P2 Zero with Allwinner H3 chip design

Nope since there’s no need for a M2+

I have a proof of concept based on raspberry pi 2. Would the banana Pi BPI M2+ be a good substitution? In other words, can the board process 1080p @ 30 fps or better video? Do it have a csi interface for camera? lastly, do you supply PCB footprints, schematics, BOM, example code with video zoom function, e.t.c?

hardwar is support ,but dirver not support good yet, we have test it on BPI-M2 ultra ,support 1080P recode video,and 1080P photo




But what is the exact RF connector type of BPI-M2 ZERO ? I could not find it, impossible. How to choose the pigtale cable for WiFi antenna if no such basic info…