About kernel updates

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There are no plans to update this or 4 series 3.4.39 is the Kernel of the image currently being distributed? My best regards.

They are no kernel devs and do not even use Open Source components to patch their lousy 3.4.39 kernel up to 3.4.112 (as suggested countless times to them – all they would need to do is to fork Armbian’s build system, configure their own linux kernel repo as source and let all the countless patches the Armbian folks collected apply).

Mainline kernel support for A83T is still in very early stage: http://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort#Merged_into_4.6 (that means: you can bring up a single CPU core at a fixed clockspeed set by u-boot and pretty much everything else is missing) so better don’t expect anything working in a broader sense anytime soon :slight_smile:


Thank you for information!

Since it has been merged into the Kernel is, there is also the fact that recently, it seems it is better to wait a little.

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