A dead project?


short question is the M2-Project dead? The Last Image Update is from Sept’2016 !! any news about this? what is with hardwareacceleration?

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we will keep support for BPI-M2.

for BPI-R1 image ,you also can use bpi-bootsel commond , let it run on BPI-M2.

Please explain how to get to bpi-bootsel command? Ive asked this on a previous thread no one knows where to find it or how to use it

Grab it there and use ‘sudo dpkg -i’ (and be prepared that they install the stuff below /usr instead of /usr/local). But this is just a bunch of crappy scripts that use dd to overwrite parts of your installation media so that a different bootoader might boot afterwards a different kernel.

The worst tool is bpi-copy responsible for all the crappy OS images people fail to unpack or burn to SD card.

BTW: Isn’t it funny that this here is considered the official documentation: [bpi-tools]: v1.0.3: bpi-tools bpi-get cmd support update tools & download images

It was from the very beginning dead since the A31 SoC was already discontinued when M2 was released. And I’ve not the slightest idea what @sinovoip is talking about: “we will keep support for BPI-M2” obviously means they’re further trying to sell these boards.

That’s their latest change (they finally figured out how to pass parameters to u-boot/kernel): https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-M2-bsp and you will never see a newer Desktop Linux based on the horribly outdated kernel 3.3.0 (.0!!!) they use. HW acceleration? Maybe with an Android image if they released one in the meantime that works.

The only good news: A31 / BPi M2 is fairly supported by mainline kernel in the meantime so as a headless server you can use Armbian or the special Bananian release on it. Or use it as a nice paperweight.