after installing the file to an sd-card by means of win32diskimager booting of the banan-pi m2 was not possible! after the bpi-m2 startscreen the monitor was left black!

best regards, Ingo

same thing happened to me but after are reset it booted in 30sec. I recorded a session you can watch it here

There is no sound and there is still some work left to do but the graphics are accelerated. It looks that way at least.

What do you meen by Reset? Can you be more explicit?

I saw the black screen and I was disillusioned so I pressed the power button to shut it down, thought I had but it rebooted on its own. Time passed me unaware of what was happening. When I finally paid attention I saw that it had booted completely. It was an unexpected surprise.

If I remember correctly the power button behaves like a hard reset button.

how to boot into text mode, I want to use as a server without desktop gui I have try to do ‘service lightdm stop’ and ‘apt-get purge lightdm’, then reboot machine. it only show black screen.