2 BPI-M1 auto-shutdown after 15 seconds

Hi there,

I am absolutely lost with the following issue:

I have 2 BPI-M1 running, one for 4 years, one for one year. 3 days ago, both of them shut down simultaneously. When I reboot, they are up for max. app. 15 seconds, even get a network connection (cable) and then shut down (all lights off, not accessible through network). This up-time shortens when I quickly re-boot after the last shut-down. Both show exactly the same symptoms. They are not connected (except through router). Both are running on Bananian/Debian with Apache, MySQL.

This is what I did, but it didn’t change the problem at all:

  • disconnected all attached hardware (disks) when booting (except network cable)
  • boot also without the network cable connected
  • changed PSU and power cables. One PSU has 20W, the problem persists
  • checked SD-cards (they seem ok, I could take a complete image from both of them)

One possible root causes are:

  1. an automatic shut down after temperature exceeds a critical level. I can’t verify this, because the PI’s are not running long enough to review the logs.
  2. a power-peak three days ago damaged the boards (unlikely, because at leas one deployed PSU is buffered etc.)

As it is very unlikely that the same problem occurs on two different pieces of hardware at the same time, I am running out of options.

Your help on the following questions would be highly appreciated:

  1. Is there a way to extract the system logs from the SD card via my PC to verify above assumption #1?
  2. Is a power peak a known root cause for the described problems (above assumption #2)?
  3. Do you have any idea, what else I could do or check or what the root cause ad possible fices might be?

Thanks a bunch in advance


Problem solved.

After exchanging the board and SD-card it has shown that both power supplies were damaged and were the root cause for this problem. Reason for that was probably a voltage peak in the power network.