2,5 or 3.5 inch hdd - which options do we have for a NAS

2,5 vs 3.5 inch hdd - which options do we have

good day dear friends,

well sure i know this is theoretically a bit difficult, but I dare to ask: what are the possible ways to connect an internal 3.5’’ SATA HDD to the board (let’s say i want to use a 1TB)? Let’s ignore the need for additional power.

i want to add a good power supply unit: So that i have enough power. What about the ways and options to connect a HDD.

What is aimed: I want to make a box like a Network Attached Storage - a NAS - that contains the board and the HDD internally, so the trivial “plug to USB connector” is excluded. How can I do this?

first approach: Well - i guess that the only way is to use a sata to usb adaptor or a usb enclosure for the drive.

What do you say - i love to hear from you

well if we want to connect an internal HDD, then i guess that would have to get some sort of USB -> SATA adapter and still connect it through the slow USB2 ports on the Raspberry pi or Banana Pi.

Regarding power, i guess that we would need to power the drive by some external means, since USB2 ports probably won’t have the power to power an internal SATA drive.

Well the question is: i can use a good and rock solid power supply unit that supports the running of a (interntal) b3.5 HDD.

any sugggestions for this power supply unit - that i can put into my rack too

sure thing - need a extra psu i think i will check out here…:


a switching psu


Hello,I have did a hot plug test,M2m use usb hub + sata to usb adapter could support SSD without other power supply module. HDD may need one, cause device shutdown for once when I did hot plug,but if you connected HDD before your m2m startup,power could work fine.

this is SSD:



this is HDD:



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