1-Wire on BPI-M2-Berry


I’d like to use a dallas temeprature sensor. However, ther doesn’t seem to be a w1-gpio module present. Is 1-wire enabled in 3.10.107-BPI-M2U-Kernel at all? If, so, whats the default GPIO to attach the sensor?

Cheers, /luetzel

allwinner R40/V40 not support 1-wire , so it can not use this sensor, but it support I2C ,so you can use I2C gpio to connect this sensor.

I know that almost none of the Alwinner boards have a direct hardware support for 1-wire except A31 and A80. However, for the other there is a driver (w1-gpio) and in fact I connected a DS18B20 to a Bananapi M1 (A20). I won der why 3.10.107-BPI-M2U-Kernel lacks the driver. You say that it is possible, that one can connect the sensor through I2C gpio?! Can you point me to a link how to do that?

I would share my experience about this problem. I’ve found an alternative solution here http://ptvo.info/1-wire-on-banana-pi-bpi-m2-ultra-14/ and it works.