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Banana Pi Triode Car project:How to learn electronic foundation welding and build a small car

Banana Pi Triode Car project, How to learn electronic foundation welding and build a small car As technology progresses, the world is constantly undergoing drastic change, and the learning curve of the engineering fie…

2 April 29, 2021
Banana Pi BPI Q-Car kit , support Micro:bit and BPI:bit , makecode ,webduino,arduino,micropython

Banana PI BPI Q-Car,which is a robot focusing on maker education.Compatible with Web:Bit(BPI: Bit) and Micro:Bit development boards.Small car body, highly integrated functions, plug and play, can quickly children’s atten…

8 March 29, 2021
Banana Pi MoonCar Kit for BPI:bit and Micro:bit

Banana Pi MoonCar Kit for BPI:bit and Micro:bit BPI:Bit MoonCar(Web:bit MoonCar), developed by Webduino and iCShop,made by BPI, is a self-propelled car specially designed for the BPI:Bit(Web:bit)/Micro:bit development…

2 September 25, 2019
BPI-CAR-3 and BPI-CAR-4 design 2 June 22, 2016
Bpi:bit for STEAM education Kit design, support Python ,arduino, webduino 1 November 30, 2020
Banana Pi BPI:Bit play as WiFi uart with ros turtlebot3 burger (opencr) 1 June 12, 2020
Banana pi BPI-Nano robot design, support all arduino Nano boards 2 November 28, 2019
Webduino maker DIY creative projects collect 1 July 11, 2019
Banana pi BPI-OVO robot project for education, also support webduino 7 April 3, 2019
Banana pi BPI:bit robot expansion board ,also support Micro:bit 3 December 19, 2018
BPI:bit gpio expansion board ,also can use with Micro:bit 1 August 23, 2018
BPI-BT BLE 4.2 bluetooth control module 2 August 16, 2018
Banana pi BPI:bit acrylic shell compatible LEGO bricks 1 August 16, 2018
Banana pi OVO robot STEAM education kit 1 July 12, 2018
Banana pi STEAM education robot kit 1 June 28, 2018
Banana pi ovo robot for STEM Education 1 December 29, 2017
Banana pi inspection robot 1 November 23, 2017
BPI-car car chassis for banana pi DIY 2 August 24, 2015
Banana pi BPI-CAR demo , DIY by Maker,so cool 2 August 12, 2015