Banana Pi BPI Q-Car kit , support Micro:bit and BPI:bit , makecode ,webduino,arduino,micropython

Banana PI BPI Q-Car,which is a robot focusing on maker education.Compatible with Web:Bit(BPI: Bit) and Micro:Bit development boards.Small car body, highly integrated functions, plug and play, can quickly children’s attention, complete the quick start of graphics programming, cultivate independent thinking and logical thinking ability



Key Features

  • support Micro:bit and PBI:bit(Web:bit)

  • support Makecode graphical programming(with micro:bit),support Webduino graphical programming(with BPI:bit),and it also support MicroPython arduino(Micro:bit/BPI:bit)

  • Compact body, strong integrity

  • N20 Miniature reducer

  • Infrared emission, infrared reception, line patrol, speed measurement, atmosphere lamp, I2C interface (support 3.3V and 5V), ultrasonic interface, buzzer, steering gear interface, needle row expansion port, expansion screw hole, etc…Fully functional, strong expansibility

  • Easy to use it.

BPI-Qcar + BPI:bit for arduino :

more please see wiki page, we will keep update on wiki .

this kit support OEM&ODM ,OEM & ODM please contact :

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Banana Pi BPI-QCar STEAM education kit for Micro:bit and BPI:bit(Web:bit) review and how to use

online documents :slight_smile:

BPI-QCar with BPI:AI baord

BPI:AI wiki page:

Banana Pi BPI-QCar STEAM education Car kti ,with Micro:bit and use makecode

easy to buy sample

welcome for OEM&ODM

BPI-QCar with Micro:bit via makecode : use microbit KeyA/B to control QCar :

demo code:

Banana Pi BPI-QCAR is controlled by ultrasonic range sensor with micro:bit use makecode

demo code :