BPI-M2 Zero + Camera + Armbian support?

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I am successfully running Armbian 5.41 3.4.113/Ubuntu Xenial on an BPI-M2 Zero. I downloaded the image from here: BPI-M2 Zero Armbian 5.41 3.4.113 (Debian Jessie, Ubuntu Xenial)

I would like to test a camera with my BPI Zero but I am not 100% clear which camera modules are supported. I purchased this camera module when I bought the BPI Zero: http://wiki.lemaker.org/BananaPro/Pi:Camera_Module but it didn’t come with the correct ribbon cable.

Are there any recommended camera modules with example code available? Would the camera module that comes with the RPI-D1work with the BPI zero?



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we can not tese lemaker camera on BPI-Zero, you can see there


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Thank you sinovoip for the note back. Based on the link above, I removed the OV5640 from the carrier board and attached directly to the Bpi zero.

The Armbian / Ubuntu image I got to work on the Bpi zero doesn’t have the user-space camera test tools installed that the link sinovoip provided listed. Is there a recommended place to obtain these? I found this link online:

which looks like this is an OV5640 driver tool. Is this the best utility to test camera output? What I really would like is to test piping h264 video output into a GStreamer pipeline. I have a good background with GStreamer, but not any experience with AllWinner chips, Banana Pi, or the ecosystem around the Banana Pi so any guidance and advice is appreciated!



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yes , this is support for zero driver.

are you camera module is BPI official module???

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Hi, I would like to get my camera working as well. I got a raspberry Pi Camera Rev 1.3 and a cable for BPi Zero. The only image, I got working is this one: 2018-05-04-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-v1.1-bpi-m2p-sd-emmc.img It looks like, that ov7640 is not included, command “dmesg | grep OV” returns nothing and “modprobe OV7640” says “FATAL: Module OV7640 not found in directory /lib/modules/3.4.113-BPI-M2Z-Kernel”.

…I would take every kernel as long it is working with my camara at the end…

For this, I’m really interested in how to get it running. My goal is to record the video onto the SD card.

Best Regards MK_munich

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Hi, I took the Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.4.113-BPI-M2Z-Kernel armv7l). This kernel includes the OV5640 driver. Unfortunately I get: root@bpi-iot-ros-ai:~# dmesg | grep OV [ 44.884344] [OV5640@lex]init_sensor - frame_rate: 0, max_win_size: 11 [ 45.012240] [OV5640@lex]CSI_SUBDEV_PWR_ON! [ 45.080148] [OV5640@lex]sensor_init 0x0 [ 45.080985] [OV5640@lex]sensor read retry=2 [ 45.080997] [OV5640@lex]error at sensor_detect [ 45.081006] [OV5640@lex]chip found is not an target chip. [ 45.081018] [OV5640@lex]CSI_SUBDEV_PWR_OFF!

Can someone help? Best Regards MK_Munich

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Hi, it turns out, that my camera cable is wrong. Meanwhile I ordered an official camera module from lemaker as above, but I do not like the solution as described above.

Is there a cable available, fitting for BPi Zero ?

I’m wondering, that BPi Zero has a camera connector, but there is no camera available; neither a description how to get any camery working with the device?? Regards Marcel

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Hi, well… I got the/a camera, but it does not look like the one above :frowning:

And it does not fit to PBI Zero (refer to picture).

It’s really annoying to wait weeks and then this.