BPI-M2 Zero + Camera + Armbian support?

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I am successfully running Armbian 5.41 3.4.113/Ubuntu Xenial on an BPI-M2 Zero. I downloaded the image from here: BPI-M2 Zero Armbian 5.41 3.4.113 (Debian Jessie, Ubuntu Xenial)

I would like to test a camera with my BPI Zero but I am not 100% clear which camera modules are supported. I purchased this camera module when I bought the BPI Zero: http://wiki.lemaker.org/BananaPro/Pi:Camera_Module but it didn’t come with the correct ribbon cable.

Are there any recommended camera modules with example code available? Would the camera module that comes with the RPI-D1work with the BPI zero?



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we can not tese lemaker camera on BPI-Zero, you can see there


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Thank you sinovoip for the note back. Based on the link above, I removed the OV5640 from the carrier board and attached directly to the Bpi zero.

The Armbian / Ubuntu image I got to work on the Bpi zero doesn’t have the user-space camera test tools installed that the link sinovoip provided listed. Is there a recommended place to obtain these? I found this link online:

which looks like this is an OV5640 driver tool. Is this the best utility to test camera output? What I really would like is to test piping h264 video output into a GStreamer pipeline. I have a good background with GStreamer, but not any experience with AllWinner chips, Banana Pi, or the ecosystem around the Banana Pi so any guidance and advice is appreciated!



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yes , this is support for zero driver.

are you camera module is BPI official module???