BPI-M2 Ultra/BPI-M2 Berry new image : Armbian Bionic and Stretch

(Igor) #1

Preview images with modern 4.18.y kernel:


Boot logs: http://ix.io/1kVQ


(Ondrejgagy) #2

Hi Igor,

thx for your image. But I have problem with it… there is some errors in logubuntu.txt (44,5 KB) In line “Started Raise network interfaces” whole system stop for a while.

HDMI not working. Lan OK - I can connect via putty from win machine.

Can you see on it? I am a linux newbie.


(Igor) #3

Preview development images come without support since this is waste of time and extremely expensive at this stage. Images were released since they are usable for certain applications and there are surely problems … which will eventually be fixed.

If you need some fixing or help, you need to do it alone or hire people who can. I am sorry.


Thank you very much for your effort. Armbian Stretch works flawlessly. Looking forward to AHCI support, to see how it performs in comparison to A10/A20.

(Juan Sánchez) #5

I have a compiled image of ubuntu xenial with kernel 4.17.17 and uboot 2018.07. HDMI and Desktop working without problems, the only problem is the ethernet that does not work and instability with the wifi adapter, so I am using a usb wifi without problem, the system works perfectly. I have compiled Hyperion Ambilight and I have loaded codes with the Arduino IDE without problems. links: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AknGQkrSSFMagXdoNlpf-3afM29L https://1drv.ms/u/s!AknGQkrSSFMagXioPLz3RBphU0TY

(Igor) #6

You need to use current DEV branch with 4.18.y and also ethernet will work, wifi instability is unrelated … it depends which one you use.

(Juan Sánchez) #7

I have tried to compile 4.18.y but the compiler gives error and the armbian versions do not have graphical interface and when installing the desktop appears but can not be used

(Igor) #8

Compiling the kernel by using https://github.com/armbian/build works!, tested at this moment just to be sure. If you do that on hand, you have to know what you are doing. Which compiler and patches to use …

Desktop worked last time I tried that. Pay attention at the login. You need to create a normal user, otherwise you won’t have a desktop. HDMI is experimental in both cases, 4.17 and 4.18 … it can be dead sometimes.

(Kirill Zhukov) #9

SATA don’t work on m2 berry.

(Igor) #10

Yes, known problem … but it will soon be working.

(bpi team) #11

armbian have support BPI-M2 Berry/Ultra compile

(Igor) #12

SATA is fixed. Do apt update & apt upgrade + reboot in about 12h from now.

(Jason) #13

Is the DVFS support on the plan? It’d be great if you can let me know your the schedule.


(Igor) #14

There is no schedule since this is amateur based development.