BPI-M2 New image(android 4.4 V4.1 ) Release

(bpi team) #1

BPI-M2_Android4.4_V4.1_HDMI MD5: 945F065927164BC87CDD3EB3EBFAAEF0 http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eQxvP2i

BPI-M2_Android4.4_V4.1_LCD MD5: 2411B13E77C610CA494E827974A082DC http://pan.baidu.com/s/1pJDY2Rh

Release Note:

  1. Gigabit Ethernet issue fixed.
  2. BPI-LCD’7 display supported
  3. Touch Panel feature supported
  4. GPIO-40Pins defined
  5. Kernel 3.3 optimized 6. WIFI support

play game now :smile:

Looking for a working Android Image with root
Keyboard not working properly
(Tothezan Lucian Petru) #2

Please make wifi work on this version. i already marked it in another post on this forum but no one took into consideration my comment.

(bpi team) #3

we now try to fixed it , sometime can work ,and sometime not work,we test it now.


Hi Sinovoip,

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for your job

I use banana Pi M2 mainly for Plex Home Theater and my computers uses Plex Server

Do this support IR for remote ? I can’t associate Rii mini i25 with IR

Gigabit ethernet is very fixed ? My 1080p Movies (15Gb) is lagging. My local network is Gigabit Ethernet. I own also an android TV (ref: Ugoos UT1 with Custo Rom wasserROM v. 1.2.4), with ethernet gigabyte and do not lag.

thx all

(ricky long) #5

HoW to use gpio since the pins are defined

(zhiz z) #6

Hello, there is an IR sensor on the device it self but I never saw any documentation on how to use it. Maybe you can dig up stuff about it on the internet.

As for the lagging 1080 movie, I would assume it is the unrefined software on the hardware. By specifications it should be powerful enough for 1080p, but hey, even Moto G runs 720p.

Until BPI come out with a new image there is not much we can do.

(bpi team) #7

you can see this link , maybe can help you.

(ricky long) #8

I still can’t get WiFi working on this version

(ricky long) #9

WiFi no working PLZ fix

(bpi team) #10

we will update soon,please waiting .

(bpisupport) #11

you can test this version, wifi is working fine.


(bpi team) #12

LCD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9mDBim1EdLoUUhwZEhuU0pKVG8/view?usp=sharing

HDMI https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9mDBim1EdLoYWZqdldwVVpnWjA/view?usp=sharing

(ricky long) #13

I noticed these are older versions, is there going to be a new image release soon? preferably with touchscreen, wifi and gpio all working



how can i do the update from 4.4_v4.0 to v4.1? or must the sd card be formatted and an installed with phönix card again?

(ricky long) #15

From what I can tell you must start over with Phoenixcard but I could be wrong (ps. Are you using version 4.0 LCD? If so can you upload it I can’t find a download link for it anywhere and version 4.1 doesn’t have WiFi working


i am using 4.0 HDMI. i think if i use phönix card everything will be erased on the sd, so i must config the android again. download http://www.bananapi.com/index.php/download?layout=edit&id=75

(Banana Pi Korea) #17

I am trying to boot Android on my BPI-M2, but no image is working. I am using HDMI image and HDMI-DVI cable, but nothing happens.

Since I am a Banana Pi dealer/supporter, I have many BPI-M2 and tried a few of them but no luck.

Please help!!! My customers are getting mad right now!

(Banana Pi Korea) #18

OMG I didn’t know that dd doesn’t work for android…

What do I use for android if I am on linux?

(Tothezan Lucian Petru) #19

what issue are you facing? can`t you use windows for creating the sd card for android? i had no problems booting into android but there are modules that do not work as they should if you want wifi option active, you could try with android 4.4 v3.0. i can help you if ou want.

Best regards

(jiong) #20

hello,sinovoip,I have downloaded the android 4.4 v3.0 source code,but the camera can’t work. could you tell me how to download the source code of 4.4 v4.1?