BPI-M2 New image(android 4.4 V4.1 ) Release

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Hello! Actually, I got it! I used a Windows PC and PhoenixCardV309 to create my sdcard image for BPI-M2 Android. However, I had an issue with WiFi though. With WiFi, I had to download a different image to get it working. My android started working fine.

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I am having different issues with typing Korean though. It may be caused due to my hardware keyboard.



i try to install the new android 4.4 v4.1 HDMI using phönix card & win32diskimager. Banana don’t boot. Whats wrong with the img file?? does someone have a working version?? Please help

(4.4 v4.0 works great - installed back)


is there no one who have the 4.4 v4.1 HDMI Version with Kernel 3.3 who works? i flash with same method, the new version dont work!

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I have seen 4 partitions creation procedure for android made manually in linux - look at RaspAnd 3 by exton.se. As far as I know - it has Boot, system, cache and data ext4 partitions. There you might use dd for system one.

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for me android 4.4 v4,1 hdmi works - flashed by phonixcard on 64GB Samsung Pro sdcard or 32GB Kingston UHS3 80/90 MB/s, but has no wifi - showing no mac address.

Phoenix Card running on Windows 10 as Administrator in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2.

What I really like:

  • notification panel
  • Google Play store support - all Google apps Gmail, Chrome, Youtube, Google Search,with voice commands, etc.
  • Video Play via Hdmi to TV with audio, minimum black edges - Samsung Led tv
  • root access via adb
  • ethernet - even not so much stable - shutters during page loads

please fix WIFI


i tried again, this image doesnt work for me! Have someone a solution?

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please check MD5, or download it again. and check your SD card.

reference this documents:


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The Wifi still don’t work. Is there any other OS that works(Except android v4.2)


If Linux is an option: http://www.armbian.com/banana-pi-m2/

But please keep in mind that this image only supports mainline kernel and since the A31S SoC used on the M2 was already discontinued when SinoVoip started to sell their board 10 months ago different things might not work yet or ever (eg. HW accelerated GUI/graphics/video).

SinoVoip made really bad decisions when choosing the SoCs for M2 and M3, only with the M2+ it gets better again since the H3 SoC receives good support by the community already.

If in doubt always choose the real Banana Pis (M1/M1+/Pro) and not their incompatible successors. The A20 SoC used there is still the best choice since you get mature software support. And that makes the difference between an unusable paperweight (M2/M3) and an SBC.

BTW: It’s possible to fix Android 4.4 images if you’re familiar with Linux since most likely it’s just sys_config.fex stuff that’s wrong. An example for correcting display settings: https://codearetoy.wordpress.com/2016/01/12/orangepi-pc-android-display-on-dvi-monitor/

You find working fex/script.bin on Armbian github for the M2, but it might be easier to just realize that you bought a product without support --> paperweight.



Today i try again with phoenix card, now it runs! but wifi not working!!! Any idea?

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I’ve struggled for 2 years with the bpi-m2 and got nowhere, every now and again I would try a new OS and hope one day there will be a working image for bpi-m2. As soon as you install something that uses graphics, it leave small green dots everywhere.

I’ve given up on bpi-m2 (after buying 10 units and printed 3D cases) and bought rpi3.The only negative point about rpi3 is you have to buy the IR separately.

So now I monitor the news letters and hope someday they will have a working solution.

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Never saw a company that has such a bad support from the beginning. I’ve heard about Banana Pi M2 last year when they had problems with deliveries. After that there were problems with software and providing source codes and it’s still the same. Stop building new stuff every day and provide support to your “older” products. Otherwise you are definitely doomed.

Best regards



i am again. today i tried it again with the version 4.4 HDMI Kernel 3.3 (download: http://www.banana-pi.org/m2-download.html) first step its not working, second step its working - android boots but WIFI not working. I go back to Kernel 3.2, everything works fine. Does anyone solve the problem with WIFI at this version? Also i am not happy with the system partition from the android, only 900MB, with installing kodi,… the memory is full, there are 3 other partitions, but is NOT possible to transer apps to them)

  • i use a transcend 16GB SD card, so also trie to use some tools who can read linus to increase the space, but banana pi will NOT boot - so i think this should be done wenn the image will built.

Can anyone help me or is there no support because there are newer banana pi?

thank you for answers Best Regards



I’m trying to use the image for BPI-M2_Android4.4_V4.1_HDMI, but after burning it on SD card (with Phoenixcard) ? BananaPi doesn’t boot (the screen remains black). Are there some complementary indications to follow, please ?

Thanks in advance.


look at this

with phönix card it works. but the internal space is only 900MB, it don’t solved my problem - and with kernel 3.3 wifi not working!


Is there anyone who hass solved the problem with the internal storage (only 900MB) ?? Please

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Hi I need access for download image Android or other link for download


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The mail : efs@edu.52miku.tk is rejected please healp me

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I am hating on this Banana pi bpi-m2 I have had this for a long time and I can’t get a valid image of any kind. All my odroids are great. but there are passwords and the like. thanks brian tiasabaki@mchsi.com

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Ok this is tiasabaki again, I have to take back some of my last message cause I got one image to kinda work, but after days and days, getting the images and figuring out whidh board and which images is like pulling teeth, theres gotta be a better way to organize this. why do I have to ask for permision to download from google drive???. thanks for listening to my complaints. brian tiasabaki@mchsi.com