Bpi-m2 lvds screen not working plz help

(bpi team) #42

you can ask Lemaker 7 LCD schematic diagram, so we can chek it what is different with SINOVOIP 7 LCD ,so can support you ,otherwise , we can not help you .

(ricky long) #43

I posted the schematic diagram for the LCD on banana pi Facebook page since I cannot upload pictures to here

(Tothezan Lucian Petru) #44

HEllo, i have the exact same issue : bpi m2 and 7`` touch screen from lemaker. the screen doaes not display anything…only black blank page with illuminated background. i hope sinovip develop their images to be compatible with this type of dusplay. i rrrreally hope so

(Roger Correa) #45

Lemaker released the FEX file configuration screens in GitHub:

You couldn’t support this form?

(Roger Correa) #46

Schematic diagram of the LCD would it be this? http://www.lemaker.org/data/attachment/forum/201508/07/030108n6amz7mkiw3p40zz.png

(Roger Correa) #47


Specification and data input format to LeMaker LCD.


I also thought at another workaround, namely an adapter between “HDMI” and “LVDS (8-bits)”. Do you know anything like this available ?

PS.: I found something (http://www.chalk-elec.com/?page_id=1283#!/~/product/id=14647633) but it is for LVDS 18-bits or 24-bits.

(bpi team) #49

dear all:

our RD have check it. for Lemaker use LVDS interface . BPI official TP use Parallel RGB interface . driver is not same . you need get the driver and install on BPI .

(Roger Correa) #50

So to run the LCD LeMaker just find that driver and install the image BPi board?

(bpi team) #51

yes, if you get the driver ,you can do it by youself , just install the driver on BPI-M2 image. hardware interface is same. just driver is not same.

(Roger Correa) #52

Ok. I’ll try to find the driver and install. Back to comment later. Thanks!

(ricky long) #53

If you find the driver and make it work on the m2 PLZ share I’d love the how to on this

(Tothezan Lucian Petru) #54

I would also be very interested in how to make the lemaker touchscreen work with bpi m2. please post if you succeed

(Roger Correa) #55

I’m discouraged. I sent an email to support LeMaker only asking drivers to try to install in Bpi M2 and answered me that are third-party products.

I’m sorry for both are part of the same project and not talk to each other. I’ll keep trying. Help me please as well.

(Roger Correa) #56

I’ll have to burn an image of Raspbian of LeMaker and try to manually find the LCD driver. It will take a giant work.

(Tothezan Lucian Petru) #57

banana pi guys, please make this happen for us. we bought a product that you developped. i am pretty sure that you have the necessary resources to make the lemaker display work on our bpi m2.

(Roger Correa) #58

I’ll need to buy other displays and will be the Sinovoip but I have a LeMaker to prototype my design and I cannot sit for 3 more months to get another.

Here in Brazil it is so. It takes 3 to 5 months to deliver a product of China. =(

(bpi team) #59

we not any sample or document to do this work, the best way ,you can ask lemaker to do this work ,it is easy to do. but they now have give up banana pi project ,and do some other hardware with other name.

(Roger Correa) #60

I know you have problems with each other but as a consumer can’t be affected by it. When I bought the display and the board didn’t see any incompatibility of reference. That’s not fair.

You say you have no documentation to support but says we should ask LeMaker to do.

Honestly, I opted for the Banana Pi to have greater openness than the Raspberry but I am deeply disappointed by this lack of dialogue between two entities that depend on the same hardware to survive.

If the position of Sinovoip is this then I close it and not come back to the topic. But also I will not give contribution to this forum.

It will be my form of protest against this attitude. The same goes for LeMaker.

(zhiz z) #61

I am sorry about your difficulties with the M2 and the LVDS screen. Honestly it is quite unfortunate as the M2 is relatively new and does not support Lemaker accessories like the M1/M1+.

Just to explain the M1/M1+ uses the same SoC as the Lemaker boards but the M2 does not.

On the bright side this incompatibility will be noted for future buyers.

Though I can’t help you build an OS or anything, but http://www.element14.com/community/thread/32894/l/recompiling-android-for-use-with-parallel-rgb-tft-lcd-and-capacitive-touch-panel?displayFullThread=true may be helpful if you still want to explore this issue.