Bpi-m2 lvds screen not working plz help


well, in my opinoin, honestly speaking, you might have got it all wrong. you see, BPI & LEMAKER are totally 2 different companies, not related. you can’t get a product of LEMAKER and ask BPI for help, can you? What if you got an Apple charger form the 3rd-party and found it’s defective? Will you turn to Apple asking for help? I dont think so.

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I was especially disappointed by the fact that the two companies use the name Banana Pi and work on the same interface.

Your comparison says as if I were behind the Foxconn. For me LeMaker had to endure accessories SinoVoip and SinoVoip would bear LeMaker accessories.

Although Banana Pi be called open source project for me are business decisions.

I thank the above explanation that the M2 card has different SoC. This was the first technical explanation I got for not yet be supported.

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please see this:


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OK thank you. Too bad that when I get the screen was not clear that there were problems with that supplier.

Moving on to another faster solution in Brazil I find those screens focusing on Raspberry Pi that the touch is transmitted via USB. Like this: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Raspberry-Pi-7-0-inch-HDMI-LCD-Capacitive-Touch-Screen-Display-Touch-Shield-Raspberry-Pi-2/32352012863.html

It supports work in M2?

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It’s a HDMI LCD, so a HDMI image will definitely work. But as for the touch recognition through USB OTG I do not know.

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It has the FEX files on GitHub of LeMaker but I don’t know how to use the Sunxi to generate new image and load the driver at startup.


It’s easy to tweak fex settings! It just takes you a few hours/days to setup the necessary cross-compile environment: http://www.bananapi.com/index.php/forum/raspbian/1518-bpi-m2-disable-ttys0-console#3472

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I know about the Fex file but Idk if it works with the m2 hardware

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Yes… Need change FEX to work in M2. Greater dificulty that I found.

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That’s what I thought that’s about where I am with this at this point too

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It would be great if someone could bring this to a happy ending for us.

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I agree, it would be! I’ve done all I can as well as a few others in this forum have, I’ve shared all the information I’ve found on the lemaker screen it is possible (even easy to make it work on m1/m1+) but m2 needs a driver built to make it work (a bit outta my skill level) BANANA-PI SHOULD HELP MORE ON THIS!!! I understand it’s not their product but it has their name on it (legally or not) WE AS CONSUMERS OF THEIR PRODUCT were MISINFORMED about this screen and ITS NOT OUR FAULT ( they shouldn’t have worked with lemaker in the beginning if there were even a hint of mistrust between the two organizations) and ON TOP OF THAT THERES A HUGE INTEREST FROM THE COMMUNITY ON MAKING THE LEMAKER SCREEN WORK like shouldn’t BANANA-PI want an try to support their community (we support them)

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Because of that I kept my M2 and I’m using a Raspberry. I didn’t want to take risks again and Sinovoip products are sold only in China (at least in Brazil are not) what would make me wait another four months.

Sorry everyone but my experience with Sinovoip and Lemaker were frustrating. No use provide better hardware without a team to support us too many problems. And LeMaker for using the brand Banana Pi is yes also a Sinovoip problem.

A shame but I moved on and recommend also do so.

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not yet. we sale many country.

agent list :


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Ok I gave up with lemaker screen (bought m1+ to use it with) but for my m2 I bought the bpi screen the problem I have now is on android images for the m2 with touchscreen there is no navigation buttons ie home and back buttons, can someone help me with this

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you mean can use touch function , only navigation buttons ie home and back buttons not working??

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Yes touchscreen works but there’s no home or back buttons on the screen the only way to navigate around on andriod is to connect a mouse and keyboard which makes the touchscreen pointless, another thing I’ve noticed is on the Linux versions there’s no on screen keyboard so you have to connect a usb keyboard which makes using the banana pi m2 as a mobile device practically worthless

(Tothezan Lucian Petru) #80

you could try to install a launcher from google apps. that way you will have the needed buttons.

(ricky long) #81

Aren’t home and back buttons considered soft keys on android? Meaning they’d be part if the os a launcher wouldn’t affect them but I’ll see if there are any apps to utilize for the job