Bpi-m2 lvds screen not working plz help

(ricky long) #1

I have a banana pi m2 and the lemaker 7"LCD module and I can’t get anything other than a blank screen PLZ help

(bpi team) #2

are you use waht image , please download


Android 4.4 External link 3.0 7"Touchscreen 01/06/2015

and use right way to burn you SD card .

http://www.banana-pi.org/start.html , how to burn android image to SD card

(ricky long) #3

This is the image I used and all I get is a blank screen

(bpi team) #4

are you use PhoenixCard tool to burn SD card??

(ricky long) #5

I’ve burned android images to other sd cards using Phoenix card I have no problems with the hdmi version just with my 7" LCD module

(ricky long) #6

Is there a difference between the android 4.4 LCD image on this website (banana-pi.org) and the android 4.4 LCD image on bananapi.com?

(bpi team) #7

is same ,but we have test ,it is working fine.

(ricky long) #8

I’ve tried other images with the 7" LCD module and nothing happens with the android image (4,4 LCD) the screen comes on but stays a blank white screen, what could be the reason for this then? I’m so confused npw

(bpi team) #9

we have success test ok , and new image will support it.

(Hakan) #10

This screen not android display. No you’re not related . Look, it works and you have been saying for help? Rasperry pi lot better than you. :rage:

(ricky long) #12

I’m asking for help cause I’ve tried everything everyone’s said and my screen isn’t working all I get is a blank gray screen I only have the one pi board and screen and the screen I’ve had only a few days so I didn’t think it would be defective but that’s what I’m down to believe at this point I guess

(bpi team) #13

please download andorid LCD verion , it support touch screen.

please give us more message.

1, what TP are you used ,

2, use the right way to burn your image. http://www.banana-pi.org/start.html

3, can you give us more boot message???

(BPI_Justin) #14

HI: Please check on the MD5 checksum of Android images you downloaded, and to see if the LCD-cable is in right position.

(ricky long) #15

Tp? Touchpanel? I’m using the lemaker 7" LCD module, android 4.4 LCD os burned to the sd card using Phoenix card, I’m not getting any messages the screen turns on an just stays a blank white screen

(ricky long) #16

How do I check the md5 checksum?

(braindead) #17

do u know if it starts up into the os? maybe u can try find it in the network than we can atleast know that the system is not faulty, and thats it is a screen issue

(ricky long) #18

I believe it does as it only turns on with the android 4.4lcd os but it just remains a blank gray/white screen

(BPI_Justin) #19

HI: It seems to me that the actual root cause is that you’re not using BPI 7" LCD module. As a matter of fact, we don’t know the spec. of your LCD, therefore we’re afraid we 're not able to give you suggestions. Maybe you’d love to consider purchasing a BPI 7" LCD module. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-100-original-high-quality-Banana-Pro-Pi-7-inch-LCD-Display-Touch-Screen-Raspberry-Pi/302756_32339310545.html

BPI 7" LCD module demo:

(ricky long) #20

I am using a banana pi 7" LCD module it’s the lemaker version not the bpi version, it’s made for the banana pi/ banana pro or the banana pi m1/m1+ which the lvds should be the same as the banana pi m2

(BPI_Justin) #21


Would you please provide the following info for us to check on? (please be sure that they are all BPI products & images)

1). Photo(s) of the Board

2). Photo(s) of the LCD

3). Checksum of Android images (see this as reference http://winmd5.com/)