Bpi-m2 lvds screen not working plz help

Tp SCH? what is that exactly? I’m trying to find the info but I’m not getting any results

I believe this is the schematics of the board which controls the LCD and the touch screen. I doubt you can find it though. Just a proposal - you could ask a friend, someone with Banana PI or Pro to install Lemaker’s Android LVDS image and try your LCD with it.

Why not try the new Android Image 4.0 7inch LCD Touch ? Fingers crossed.

I am on my banana pi m2 with a LEMAKER 7in LCD

the images support BPI LCD only, better get one though

Here is a more detailed description of the lvds screen about which rlong talks: http://www.produktinfo.conrad.com/datenblaetter/1200000-1299999/001285655-da-01-en-BANANA_PI_LCD_7_ZOLL_DISPLAY.PDF

I have the same lvds screen, from lemaker, and i need to use it in the same context, namely for Banana Pi M2.

Is there no possibility for this (even if it is about two different producers) ? Not even the smallest one ?


Let me see if I understand well: I had a Banana Pi and used the LCD 7 "LeMaker with it and now with the Banana M2 I cannot ??

I try to use the Raspbian image and the screen gives a white and then turns off. I thought it could be because I’m feeding via OTG but from what I understand I will have to buy another LCD?

I had to wait over three months for my plate come from China and I will have to wait another three for a compatible LCD? It’s time you would take to make compatible those of LeMaker brand.

However, I believe that it is more of a business decision that hardware limitation.

I was deeply disappointed!

you can ask Lemaker 7 LCD schematic diagram, so we can chek it what is different with SINOVOIP 7 LCD ,so can support you ,otherwise , we can not help you .

I posted the schematic diagram for the LCD on banana pi Facebook page since I cannot upload pictures to here

HEllo, i have the exact same issue : bpi m2 and 7`` touch screen from lemaker. the screen doaes not display anything…only black blank page with illuminated background. i hope sinovip develop their images to be compatible with this type of dusplay. i rrrreally hope so

Lemaker released the FEX file configuration screens in GitHub:

You couldn’t support this form?

Schematic diagram of the LCD would it be this? http://www.lemaker.org/data/attachment/forum/201508/07/030108n6amz7mkiw3p40zz.png


Specification and data input format to LeMaker LCD.

I also thought at another workaround, namely an adapter between “HDMI” and “LVDS (8-bits)”. Do you know anything like this available ?

PS.: I found something (http://www.chalk-elec.com/?page_id=1283#!/~/product/id=14647633) but it is for LVDS 18-bits or 24-bits.

dear all:

our RD have check it. for Lemaker use LVDS interface . BPI official TP use Parallel RGB interface . driver is not same . you need get the driver and install on BPI .

So to run the LCD LeMaker just find that driver and install the image BPi board?

yes, if you get the driver ,you can do it by youself , just install the driver on BPI-M2 image. hardware interface is same. just driver is not same.

Ok. I’ll try to find the driver and install. Back to comment later. Thanks!

If you find the driver and make it work on the m2 PLZ share I’d love the how to on this