[BPI Accessories]Banana pi Premium Aluminum Enclosure

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BPI Accessories : Banana pi Premium Aluminum Enclosure

now Banana pi BPI-M2 Berry ,BPI-M2 Ultra,BPI-M2,BPI-M64,BPI-M2+,BPI-M2+ EDU new case ,any one like this design .:slight_smile:

Banana Pi BPI-M2 Berry case ,also can use on Raspberry pi 3:

Banana PI BPI-M64, BPI-M3, BPI-M2 Ultra case :

Banana PI BPI-M2+, BPI-M2+ EDU case :


Banana PI BPI-R2 case

Package for case:

New Aluminum Case Banana Pi M3
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BPI-M3 BPI-M64 BPI-Ultra Premium Aluminum Enclosure

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Banana Pi M2 berry with metal case

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Banana Pi M64 metal case

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KKSB Banana Pi Case M3

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Banana Pi M2+ in a metal case demo WIFI test

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Banana pi Premium Aluminum Enclosure public sale

(Lawrence Gough) #9

Nice case for the Berry, but where’s the ability to use the internal SATA port?? It’s one of the Berry’s best features

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it have sata port , you can send mail to judyhuang@banana-pi.com for more

(Lawrence Gough) #11

I know it does, but is there a cutout in the case for the cable to come out?

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yes, must use SATA line to connect .

such as this :


(Lawrence Gough) #13

You do not seem to understand what I’m asking…

The pictures you just sent are NOT of a Banana BERRY. The Berry has a SATA connector INSIDE the case. My question is therefore does your BERRY case have a HOLE in it for the cable to come out?


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yes, it have . such as this :


(Lawrence Gough) #15

Thanks. I was aking about your Berry case though, not the one in your picture. 663x500

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sorry , Berry support SATA,but Berry premium Aluminum Enclosure not support, but Ultra support