New Aluminum Case Banana Pi M3



I would like to share pictures of our new series of our BananaPi M3 Case, Aluminum.

KKSB Banana Pi Case M3

KKSB Banana Pi Case2

It is available on our webpage

Banana Pi M3 Case Aluminum

[BPI Accessories]Banana pi Premium Aluminum Enclosure
(David Coles-Dobay) #2

Nice Work on new case



We plan to make cases for more models in the future too.

(The Gunzmo) #4

Is it possible to order custom cases? Like 3D pritend cases in Aluminum or do you only got access to CC machine? Not gonna order now but maybe in a month or so.

(bpi team) #5

we will be ready at one month. you can order it.:slight_smile:

sorry , this is design by banana pi team :

(The Gunzmo) #6

I think you missunderstood me @sinovoip I’m asking if its possible to send a CAD file to be printed or CC made to order like a full costumized case.

(bpi team) #7

you mean you want 3D print by youself, this case is not design by banana pi team ,you can ask kksb-cases for this.:slight_smile:

(Aaron Gray) #8

Why on Earth is the SATA on the outside ? This was not thought through from the start of the board design !