Banana PI BPI-M64 New Images :Ubuntu16.04 & Android 6.0 Release 2018-09-18

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BPI-M64 New Image Ubuntu16.04 & Android 6 Release 2018-09-18


1.About this release

  • This release is for banana pi M64 board which is based on Allwinner A64, We release three Images, Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop & Android is based on kernel 3.10.

2.M64 Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop

  1. Features Map
  1. Image Links:

3.M64 Android 6.0 HDMI & LCD7

  1. Features Map
  1. HDMI Version Image Links:
  1. LCD7 Version Image Links:


  • How-to use ubuntu system to support lcd7?
  1. “vi /media/pi/BPI-BOOT/bananapi/bpi-m64/linux/lcd7/uEnv.txt”
  2. If you use HC070TG lcd7 screen, change “touch=gt9xxnew_ts” But if you use S070WV20 lcd7 screen, you don’t need to change.
  3. “bpi-bootsel /usr/lib/u-boot/bananapi/bpi-m64/u-boot-with-dtb-bpi-m64-lcd7-8k.img.gz”
  4. reboot image