Will the BPI-W2 work for my application? PCI 9052 IO Bus

Hey All,

I have an application where I am connecting a proprietary card over PCI-104 to a PCI 9052 chip which converts our signals when this has a PCIe X16 connector which I use on my PC on my desktop. The PC I am currently using is x86_64 architecture running Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 kernel 5.0.0-32 generic. I have no issues with this card on this PC. The motherboard on my desktop PC only has PCIe X1 so I am using a StarTech PEX1PCI1 adapter and I am providing external 5V and 12V power (this also allows me to cycle power with a relay).

Note: I tried this with a RockPRO64 and I am having issues. The driver they have on their kernel is unable to detect this card. It is also causing a stack exception on bootup when the device is connected to the PCIe port which makes booting only work 2/10 times. I am currently working with the Dev to try and solve this but they have limited time and we have not been successful.

Was wondering what you guys think.