Wifi6 high jitter

Hi friend,

I just bought a new bpi r3 and flash openwrt 23.05 latest image which compiled by myself.

However the wifi6 is not stable and high jitter from a wired pc ping from a wireless client under same LAN.

And i connect 4 antenna as this since i only use 5g.

I have tried choose different channel but none worked, the jitter always keeps.

Hope some one can give advice how to fix this

I also found an interesting issue, if i ping the wifi router on my PC which is connected over the wifi6 in an fast interval (-i 0.001), the ping latency from the wifi router or wired PC to my PC reduces. also the throughut increase.

This seems related to power saving settings? anyone can give some advice ? thanks.

turned out it seems a bug in a 6.2.0 kernel in my linux os, after upgrade to 6.5.0 kernel, the issue fixed.

now the wifi is quite stable, bpi r3 rocks!