Wifi on Debian 10 5.10 kernel

How can add wifi support at MT7622 in @frank-w 's , image with Debian 10 and 5.10 kernel? Where are the correct kernel headers for this one?

you find kernel-headers in my github-repo as releases…just search the release with your current kernel-version. maybe upgrade kernel to a newer version…what wifi-driver do you want to add? maybe you need to recompile kernel with the driver you want.

I want to add MT7622 integrated wifi , I’m not sure wich is the correct driver… , I’m trying to solve wlan0 interface is not present…

driver should be included…have you tried loading mt7615e module? maybe firmware is missing

AFAIK mt7622 internal wifi should use both CONFIG_MT7615E and CONFIG_MT7622_WMAC kernel options simultaneously (MT7622_WMAC is a suboption of MT7615E)

so if you have this module and it doesn’t work, try to check your config for the second option. And of course check for the firmware :slight_smile:

Right,my kernel is configured (now) to built mt7615 as module (m) with mt7622 builtin (y) Afair this was also same state when i made the image

You can try

zgrep -i "mt7622\|mt7615" /proc/config.gz

Maybe load config module first

modprobe config