What is the NC/part value means in banan-pi-r2 schemetics?

When I see the BPI-R2 schemtics, I see which speaks nc/part value everywhere, and I can`t understand this meaning. Do I have to put part on this one? or Do I have to put footprint ignore? oh and I definitely put battery in my project.

nc stands for “not connected” and battery circuit isn’t working…told by gary wang long time ago

oh…than I just have to ignore all the wires connected to NC? I don`t have to put a single footprint on my NC schemetics ,right?

Right…just ignore pins marked as NC

Than what about RD15? This said this part is not needed but if this is absent, DDRVREF will not work at all.

where exactly did you found this?

here.I found this in here.http://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-R2

i know the document, but did not noticed the RD15…on which page/element/… is it referenced?

In the page1,next to cd43.

bottom right…i guess the resistor RD15 is missing or the connection to DDRVREF, so pin 6 is only connected over CD43 to GND

Well than, that all same goes to the RP5 in PAGE8, and all of the NC/part value. Is that correct?

Here it stands NC/1K so it is not clear if not-connected or 1k value…but battery circuit is known to be non-working (written by gary wang from bpi)