Weird disconnection issues on RC3 Openwrt on BPI R3

I have noticed this specific issue primarily from Openwrt RC2 onwards, which I hoped RC3 would solve. Unfortunately it hasn’t.

The issue occurs across all devices but primarily on the wireless 5GHZ channel. There is connectivity but no data flow. IE: as an example, my iPhone continues to show that it is connected to my Wifi, but if I try to pull any website, it does not load. It eventually loads after a minute. One would assume this could be my Modem / Internet issue. However, even local addresses don’t load, ie the routers does not load either.

The logs don’t indicate anything, and I’m unsure how to log any other processes apart from System => System Logs. The disconnection is not frequent, more like once or twice an hour, that lasts about 30 secs to min.

The only thing I remember NOT doing when upgrading to RC2 is the overlay adjustment to expand the storage and I’m not sure if that matters. None of this existed when I was using snapshots. Any help is appreciated! TIA.