Website error / wrong information

If you find a website error or wrong information on the website

  1. paste the link
  2. file the error

add an @projectbananapi so he gets an information.

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Wifi onbaord. Blue onbaord.

correct: WiFi onboard Bluetooth onboard


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Thanks for pointing out the mistakes.

you missed the error in: onboard

@projectbananapi and @sinovoip must be the same person. Both do not take care to be correct in writing.

This is a lousy job, english is not my mothertongue but there is google-translate to support you if you are unable to recognise typing error.

WiFi onboard. Bluetooth onbaord.

@Tido You see, I am still perfecting my mastery with the keyboard at 73 WPM.


What did you change on the CMS, if you click on the picture it does no longer get big ?? Can you fix this?

Hmmm. The forum needs to be updated. I will do that asap.

I also believe it is a forum software update. I did not alter any settings.

Well, I have set the parameter of the embedding link of the picture that it is smaller (standard size is way too big). If you look here, it still works - something doesn’t work…

it still does NOT work, what is your understanding of ASAP ?

I updated the forum. But it does not fix the problem. The thing is if u upload a big picture the frame will show up, for a small picture it will not.

@sinovoip, what did you do - that ALL posts have moved down and all this old stuff (image news from 2015) is now on top. This is terrible @lionwang, did you see that. Will you please ask the person to fix this.

Just klick here to see:

we move all banana pi image to image dir. noted it ,and will try to fixed it .

Can you do a mass-change in this folder and edit the file- or the post-date ?

Nothing happend - I am sorry you cannot fix the mess you did with all the images.

Well, I have something else you can try to fix, wrong information here:

The R2 uses a 12v supply with a 2.1 x 5.5 mm connector - at least a 2 amp supply is needed. source:

@lionwang said you would be supportive and do your best for correct information. Please show us customer.