W2 SATA and Ethernet speeds

How fast are the W2’s SATA and Ethernet and can I actually boot from SATA on the device ? And what interfaces are connected by ?

I use 2 HDD 3.5(WDGreen and WDRed). When I copied the information from one to second, the speed was about 100-120MB/sec. What about Ethernet speed, it seems that it corresponds with the technical documentation. I whatch fullHD video via Plex on 2 TVs at the same time. Didn’t see any freez by this time.

Ethernet is up to 980mb/s.

How are your disks powered?

I conected my HDD by this cable: 22 Pin Male to Female 7+15 pin SATA Data Power Combo

Also used power adapter on 10A, but it is redundant.I think 4-6A should be enough.

i am running 2x 2,5 inch HDD setup with similar cable connecting them (mine is a bit shorter) powering via universal laptop power adapter like this one - https://www.carrefour.pl/zasilacz-sieciowy-uniwersalny-media-tech-80w-mt6269 (not exactly this model - I forgot exact amperage on mine). Just tape in voltage selector to stay at 12V - otherwise if you switch it higher by accident you might fry your board.

It worked as well when I had official power adapter + smartphone charger via usb-c (both power sources plugged in at the same time)

Without additional power via usb-c / better power brick my W2 kept on rebooting itself when trying to spin up SATA drives during booting. At that point I was certain it is power issue.