W2 board not available?

For a new project I considered trying the W2 board, but it is not available at your Aliexpress store. Is there a special reason for this?

Thanks much


Is there any specific reason for W2? Why not try R2? or R64?

I already have an R2 an now I just wanted to give a try to the W2. besides: the R2 is a little bit too large for the intended box.

If I am not mistaken w2 have exactly same overall board dimensions. If r2 is to big, this one will be too big as well

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If you want for not router use then try M64. good for server or basic desktop use.

Okay indeed I found the R2 being the same size as the W2. The M64 doesn’t help me because I need a real sata interface, not only an usb2sata thingy. On the other hand I’ve tested my setup with my R2 and it worked.

I was just curious about the W2 and its 3 pci-e interfaces - would have been nice to try. But in fact you are right, the R2 will do.

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