Victor share image : BPI-m2+ , BPI-m2 ultra 及 BPI-m3 的 Debian 8 (Jessie) LXDE images

在忙亂中完成一些成果 …

同時釋出 m2+ , m2u 及 m3 的 Debian 8 (Jessie) LXDE images

您可以從以下的網址下載 :

這次 預設的帳號 更改為 ossf

ossf 與 root 的密碼改為 ossf2017 2017 年開始,由基金會製作的成果將採用這組帳號與密碼。 後續將利用 Debian 8 來研究一下 Server 方面的應用 敬請期待 !!

thank victor do the cool work

Thank you for your work. Has any work been done to the kernel for the BPI-m2 ultra image? The current images are not stable.

sorry, this image has a lot of bugs.

I need Pass…

root PW ? ossf PW?


L: root PW: ossf2017

L: ossf PW: ossf2017

I use BPI-M3, in this case, the external image - it is NOT “assembled” by @sinovoip. Would like you mentioned errors about which you write?


HI. I have problem whit GUI. GUI not response to mouse. I m MS windows user. That I dont now that is correct. I have same problems whit all debian images when I install GUI desktop. Ubuntu is OK

I want use debian. Because i think in debian maybe i can run teamviewer. In rasbian is runnig but i dont wont to use rasbian

Sry for my english