Using pci express slots on Banana PI BPI-R3

Hi, I consider buying Banana PI BPI-R3. But I am not sure, if my setup will be possible. I hope that the experienced people here can give me a hand with it.

So, I’d like to attach hard drives to the BPI-R3 via board like this: From what I’ve read, this should be possible with the m.2 slot on the bottom of the BPI-R3.


But I also want to have few more Ethernet ports. So I wander if I can use the following (or similar) extension board, with the other PCIe port (the one intended for LTE modem).

Has anyone tried this setup?

Thank you in advance, Greetings.

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No. Mini pcie slot (ONLY USB2.0 for 4G LTE)


Just to note: the boards shown, should just illustrate the extensions I’d like to have. I just saw that both are Mini-PCIe, and not m.2 as I have written.

@Haldi, thank you for the answer. Just to make it clear:

  • I can’t use ethernet extension board with the Mini PCIe slot (ONLY USB2.0 for 4G LTE) because it supports only 4G LTE Modem and nothing else connected there?
  • Or because I have selected an incompatible ethernet extension board (wrong slot type)?
  • Or something else?

How about if I use an ethernet extension board with m.2 slot on the bottom? I don’t mind connecting hard-drives via USB3. Even using the Mini PCIe slot (ONLY USB2.0 for 4G LTE) with miniPCIe ↔ SATA is an option for me.

Thank you.