Use Apple App connection BPI G1

First, download the G1 firmware from Baidu cloud or Google Driver After the download is a compressed package, the name of the corresponding firmware programmed into each chip module G1, the specific methods can refer to the BPI OpenDebugger Manual After the programming is completed, the need to take the module together on the G1, as shown: Then on to the G1 Power.

Next, the Apple App Store download BPI Home application. After downloading, open BPI Home, and the corresponding two-dimensional code scanning G1, as shown: After the scan, App G1 will be added to the list, open the last one, because the first three test samples. Specific procedures are as follows: Before entering the App, you need to manually turn on the Bluetooth. After entering the final screen, the icon Note1 indicated, if the icon is lit in blue, indicating that you are on the Apple device is connected via Bluetooth with the G1. After connecting, you can continue to add various Zigbee child device, and then use this App to control.

The next section will give BPI Zigbee module connector G1, then control it using the above App. And Zigbee module through the network but also to control them, as is the App Note2 G1 via network connection. Thank you