Usb pins in mini pci-e connector

I want to install a 4g modem in the pci-e slot via an adapter with a sim card. Therefore, the question. Are pins 36 and 38 of the pci-e connector connected to usb controller?

BPI-R2 PCI-e interface not support USB function , so can not use USB 4G module . if you want to test 4G .please see here

So need pinout usb where does this module is inserted

In general, it is a pity that the developer was too lazy to lay 4 wires to the pci connector. Two for usb and two for msata. Would be a universal slot. And so we have … :slightly_frowning_face: .

There is not enough USB port. Therefore, only PIN PIN can be reused. When 4G is connected to PIN PIN, external USB interface fails

You can also use the PCIe interface to switch out USB to 4G

like this , one USB to 4 port 4G module

or like this, one PCIe to 4 port 4G module: