USB_Burning_Tool on MI5

Hi, was using Android 9 on eMMC and i want now to switch to a LINUX distro. I am not able to connect MI5 with USB cable with ‘USB_Burning_Tool’ application to ‘Erase EMMC for SDcard Bootup’ , no device seen, (the BPI MI5 i meant) Throught ADB tool > connexion ok In other words i want to remove my Android from eMMC and get installed a Linux, Thanks for your help Tousha

five ways (a,b,c,d,e, e is simplest ) to erase emmc android

Hi, thanks for your reply. None of these 5 work, Facing many error messages about ‘right/permission’ , waiting for devices etc. Even dealing with sudo, root… Dealing with RPI was much easier :slight_smile: Merry Christmas to all