Unable to install & boot Android at EMMC repository - stopped at (reg = 0x330800). New board damaged?

Unable to start / get to work Android. I have tried everything, either do not start all, or stop it at: 1.266713] reg = 0x330800


  • Or this :


I used BPI-COPY (1.3.3 & 1.3.4) and all the various Android images from BananaPi to install. Nor not work.

One Android image that worked was Android 7 (GSM) but only on the SD card, nothing else work. But nothing work, not even an Ethernet port, hence completely useless.

Can the motherboard be damaged?

  • 2 years back when I used another BPI-W2 and Android on EMMC via BPI - COPY worked, can there be a problem on the motherboard side??

“I have really tried everything but android on EMMC still does not work, so I dared to speak to you and ask for help.”.

  • Please, could someone help me or wrote how to install Android on this device?

Thank you for any possible advice. Please, come on boys.