U-boot update for R2


the u-boot version currently used in the SINOVOIP repository is 2014.04-rc1 and was highly adapted to be able to work on the mediatek 7623 SoC. I have 2 questions:

a) Are there any plans to commit the changes to the official u-boot repository? b) Will there be an upgrade to a more recent u-boot version soon?

U-Boot changed it’s configuration style since 2014.07 to a menuconfig (comparable to the linux kernel) and is not compatible with the currently provided configuration from SINOVOIP. I am in the process of porting the SINOVOIP-u-boot to the vanilla-u-boot. But I’m stumbling from one compiling error to the next and before I rather ask before putting more effort into the manual portation.

Cheers, NoiZe

I don’t know a newer version,but maybe wolfgangs repo is bit easier to port (also 2014-4 but with patchfiles): https://github.com/wtolkien/meta-mediatek/tree/master/recipes-bsp/u-boot/files and maybe he have done some work on porting