TVHead with Banana Pi?

Anyone added a tv sat streaming server with a banana pi? Probably, running tvhead or something like this? I would like to buy me such a card:

Any recommendations for cards, software, best practice?

I have not yet implemented it, but I do plan to migrate my dvb-c setup to bpi-r64.

I currently have Ubuntu running on wrt1900acs, but the setup should be the same on BPI.

I suggest finding a USB stick dvb receiver, in your case dvb-s, in my case dvb-c t230c v2. I have 4 sticks connected through a usb3 hub. If you really need 8, you could try 4 dual receivers. Try to find the device on and check if it is supported, preferably in mainstream Linux kernel.

Then run kernel menu config and add USB dvb support and your device driver. Then rebuild the kernel.

Then install tvheadend on debian, Ubuntu or arch Linux.

That should be it in a nutshell

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