To celebrate Armbian's new Partnership program and our Partnership with SinoVoip we are doing a Giveaway!

In celebration of Armbian’s new Partnership program, we would like to welcome SinoVoip as Armbians first Platinum Partner!

To celebrate our partnership, SinoVoip and Armbian are coming together to giveaway of two single board computers! A Banana Pi M5 and an BananaPi M2 Pro will be raffled off!

We will have a giveaway for the Banana Pi M5 open to everyone! To enter you need to sign-up to the Armbian Forum and wait one day (24 hours) to pass the bot check and then you can enter the contest!

Banana Pi M5


For our community members we will be giving away the Banana Pi M2 Pro, to enter the raffle all you have to do is have been a Armbian forum member for the last 30 day and go to the link and enter!

Banana Pi M2 PRO


These giveaways will run for the next 30 days with the contests ending on November 20th, 2022 where we will pull one winner from each contest!

Get your free raffle ticket and enter to win today!

Also, as part of our Partnership, Armbian images are now available for download, so if you have an M5 or an M2 Pro, check out Armbian for it today!

*Prizes will be fulfilled and sent directly by SinoVoip once a winner is chosen and their address received. Be sure you are able to receive parcels from China. Armbian and SinoVoip will not be responsible for any customs duties or additional fees associated with delivery or import of the prize.