Switch VLANs and GMACs


Is it possible to create VLANs with swconfig so I can have 2 WAN ports? Also what are exactly GMACs never heard of that term before I saw it on gitbooks documentation page and how exactly does the network card in the BPI R2 even work is it just one card connected to the switch or?

and one off-topic question I forgot to ask is I’ve seen that people say that HW NAT isn’t supported on the 4.4.70 kernel but I’m using iptables nat and ipv4_forward and it works very good, I got full bandwidth(250Mbps) for my internet and latency isn’t increased. In “top” I only see a small 10% load in “si” when using 250 Mbps.


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swconfig is not supported, but Kernel 4.9 and kernel 4.14 having Port-separation (wan,lan0-lan3) via DSA-driver.

in the dtsi(i)-file (before compilation) you can map the ports to internal gmac (in 4.14 there is currently only one) and maybe rename (wan1,wan2)

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but I still don’t understand, will those seperated ports appear as invidual interfaces? and to combine for example lan3 and wan0 I could bridge them and set them on the same subnet?

have not tested to bridge wan+lanx, but you can bridge lan0+1+… to have same subnet. basicly this should work for lan+wan, too