Switch support separate vlans?

Hi, can the ethernet-lanports separately configured (different vlans+1 trunk-port)?

Regards Frank

this is software function ,easy to do this work.

Hardware has to support this to use it by software. So i can configure each lan-port (nic) separately?

you need to back port 7530 dsa driver to your kernel source tree to support this feature. https://py3.patchwork.dja.id.au/cover/2365/

where is the patch itself? I’ve found only a description

Hi Frank - the work conducted on the mediatek drivers can be tracked at patchwork - I’m currently tracking the progress of 4 developers in regards to MTK SoCs - here are the links to the developers involved :





EDIT : and a 5th developer (Ryder Lee) that I initially missed - lots of important work here too :


You can use the patch code directly from the updates if you so desire - they are working towards mainline support of course but for the time being if you need the capabilities it’s not too much trouble.

I have collected the patches myself and I’ll be looking to integrate/back port them into a copy of the R2-BSP kernel at some stage - if you wish to stay in touch for info or to coordinate our efforts then please let me know :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the Infos. i currently took only a overview. I have aplied patches and compiled kernels before, but that should be done by somebody who knows what he’s doing (in detail) :wink: Please let me know, if you have a Kernel(-Source) with the vlan-extension working/for testing. first i have to look to get all the other things working, when my R2 arrives

regards Frank

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I know the Banana team are working hard right now to provide the best possible support in the kernel - I’m currently testing and developing on my R2 (had it a week now - it’s fantastic!) so if I’m making any patches to my kernel and I’ve got the time - I’ll back port the latest 7530 patches and drop you a message on here :slight_smile:

Support is great so far and judging from the amount of work being done? I should expect we’ll see support for the SoC and the 7530 in mainline soon enough!

Until then we have everything we need - just need to get our feet wet - isn’t that half the fun? :wink:

Hi Johnny,

If you want to test the mainline PCIe driver you could also take the PHY patch. :slight_smile:


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Oh excellent! thanks for that Ryder - I didn’t come across your submissions in my search. I shall test to the best of my ability and report any findings that you might find useful - thanks to you and everybody at Mediatek for working so hard on Linux support for your chips! you deserve major recognition from the open source community :slight_smile:

It’s greatly appreciated and I’m really impressed with your product line up! you’ve got a big fan right here :slight_smile:

@ryder, it’s only PCIe, right?

@Johnny: http://elixir.free-electrons.com/linux/v4.13-rc4/source/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/mtk_eth_soc.c seems also having vlan (ctag/stag) implementation (found in another thread)

Ryder Lee should be the fifth person majorly contributing into MediaTek SoC as followingly you described before :slight_smile: And I also found the things he did is not only PCIe driver and its PHY but also CRYPTO ENGINE based on EIP97 (??? is being really found on MT7623N SoC which can be used to offload OpenSSL such kind of applications like VPN. I think @JohnnyWednesday I also dig the another treasure you have interest


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@linkerosa - Excellent :slight_smile: thanks for the links and updates - not sure how I missed Ryder’s work - my apologies!

I shall append my post for those browsing the forums :slight_smile:

I guessed that is just mac driver embedding additional vlan tag which is good when connecting with single phy, but not good for switch as BPI-R usage especially for dsa way used on mainline linux using extra bytes to indicate which port the packets going to or coming from. I recommand the better solution should be having vtlan support on switch mt7530. but unfortunately, it seems not being ready on current dsa mt7530 driver. but i think it should have the hardware support that is so much common feature in most switch. MediaTek shouldn’t miss such kind of function in their production road map which is a stupid thing.

I googled a bit around and ddwrt seem to work on that for this soc: https://dev.openwrt.org/browser/trunk/target/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mt7530.c?rev=47114

i do not know, if this is dsa or incompatible with Mainstream-kernel, but maybe it helps

Kernel v4.4 released by sinovoip has already supported this engine.


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yes, mt7623 has eip97 engine and can work with openssl via cryptodev

eip97 spec. https://www.insidesecure.com/Products/Silicon-IP/Packet-Engines-for-IPSec-TLS-SSL/PacketEngine-IP-97

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can this be used? https://code.alephobjects.com/rOPENWRT1bf3e535d9a11e301bc704a5b8279e026bed8888